Forge a Fortress

Purchasing Instructions

Depending on your dedication to the purchase of this game, it could run you anything from ten to one hundred and twenty dollars.  Here, I will give you the cheap and expensive versions of your purchase.

The Cheap Version

Print out the board, found in the "resources" section on the left.
Print out the cards, also available in the "resources" section.
Purchase game pieces at Board Game Design.

The Expensive Version

Purchase a gameboard, game pieces, and two boxes at Board Game Design.
Print the board, found in the "resources" section on the left onto a large, 19*19 piece of paper and have it laminated. 
(If you do not have the resources for this yourself, have Staples do it.)
Print out the game box, found in the "resources" section, onto a semi-gloss 16.5*16.5 pieces of paper.
Using Super 77, an adhesive purchasable at most craft stores and Wal*Mart, glue the board to the game board you have purchased from Board Game Design.  Let dry.
Cut the four corner squares off of the game box print.
Fold the game box print around the box purchased at Game Boars Design.
Using Super 77, glue it in place as best you can.
Using the extra box, cut bases for the pieces purchase at Board Game Design.  Super glue the pieces into place.
Print the cards, available in the "resources" section, onto card paper and have them laminated.

The Really Expensive Version

Contact James Marion (available in "Contact Us") and request a purchase of five-hundred games or more.