Forge a Fortress

The Board

The Board is your blueprint. The spaces represent that parts of your fortress: moat, tower, wall, gate, hall, bazaar, armory,  and  your  home,  the  keep.  Before you build, you and your friends (or enemies, or captors) should divide yourself into two teams of at least two people. It would be smart if they were even, but hey, you’re the king.  Decide who gets to go first, and shuffle the cards.  Choose whether you’re building a castle or an outpost, and let’s get to work.

Your Building Cards

Bazaar Card

You cannot have a bazaar without things to buy!  a local shopkeep
has asked for a certain kind of item - you have fifteen seconds to get it to him.

Hall Card

Show the jester how it’s done, and he wil be able to entertain the men and women of your kingdom - act out a specific word or phrase without using a sound!
But don’t become boring - you only have forty-five seconds!

Armory Card

Show that you are the strongest - you must battle an opposing player(of the opposing team’s choice) in some physical competition; stone, parchment, sword, anyone?

Moat Card

The town moat-maker has agreed to build you a moat - in exchange for some quick entertainment.  He will ask you to list as many items of a particular type as you can; if he’s satisfied, he will make the moat for you! 

Tower Card

The castle engineer wil construct your tower for you, if you provide him with some beautiful banners to hang from them.  He wants you to draw it out on a pad quickly - but be clever, because your partner has to guess whatever it is without you saying or writing a word.


You don’t deserve a castle unless you’re clever, your father says.  He wil build the walls of your castle - if you can play his game.  He will give you a phrase or word, and you must get your partner to guess it by only giving him two one-word clues.

The Emissary Card

You have an option: switch a teammate of your choice with a player of the opposing team’s choice, or save the card.  With three of these cards, you may declare WAR, and the larger castle wins automatically!

Attack Cards

If you complete up a card and have already built all corresponding pieces of your castle, save it.  With two, you may choose to either remove a piece of the opposing castle, or remove an opposing emissary card.


You have been given part of a phrase by your mother and father - you have five letter gueses to figure it out, prove you are wise, and become king - you win!